pyacs.gts.lib.filters.savitzky_golay module

Savitzky-Golay filter for Gts based on scipy.signal.medfilt. http:// Additional information on Savitzky-Golay filter from

The Savitzky Golay filter is a particular type of low-pass filter, well adapted for data smoothing. For further information see: (or for a pre-numpy implementation).

It has the advantage of preserving the original shape and features of the signal better than other types of filtering approaches, such as moving averages techniques.

The Savitzky-Golay is a type of low-pass filter, particularly suited for smoothing noisy data. The main idea behind this approach is to make for each point a least-square fit with a polynomial of high order over a odd-sized window centered at the point.

pyacs.gts.lib.filters.savitzky_golay.savitzky_golay(self, in_place=False, verbose=True, window_length=15, polyorder=3, deriv=0, delta=1.0, mode='interp', cval=0.0)[source]

returns a filtered time series using scipy.signal.savgol_filter

See documentation for the filter parameters. http://

  • in_place – if True then replace the current time series

  • verbose – boolean, verbose mode


the filtered time series