pyacs.gts.lib.noise module

Pyacs noise module This is a wrapper to Globk tsfit and the CATS Software Reference Herring, T. A., King, R. W., Floyd, M. A. & McClusky, S. C. (2015). GAMIT/GLOBK Reference manual, 10.6. Williams, S. D. (2008). CATS: GPS coordinate time series analysis software. GPS solutions, 12(2), 147-153.


Return the wrms

Return wrms


pyacs.gts.lib.noise.realistic_sigma(self, option='tsfit', in_place=False, verbose=False)[source]

Calculates realistic sigmas on velocity components :param option:

  • tsfit: globk T. Herring realistic sigma

  • cats_pl: CATS estimates with noise type estimated (i.e. –model=pl:)

  • cats_seasonal_pl: CATS estimates with seasonal terms and noise type estimated (i.e. –model=pl: –sinusoid=1y1)

  • cats_flicker: CATS estimates assuming flicker noise (i.e. –model=pl:k-1)

  • cats_seasonal_flicker: CATS estimates with seasonal terms and assuming flicker noise (i.e. –model=pl:k-1 –sinusoid=1y1)

pyacs.gts.lib.noise.sigma_cats(self, in_place=False, verbose=False, k='k-1', seasonal='')[source]

runs CATS for getting realistic sigma

pyacs.gts.lib.noise.sigma_vel_tsfit(self, in_place=False, verbose=False)[source]

runs tsfit for getting realistic sigma