pyacs.gts.lib.plot package


pyacs.gts.lib.plot.gts_to_ts module

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.gts_to_ts.gts_to_ts(gts, date=None, unit='mm', date_unit='decyear', date_ref=None, set_zero_at_date=None, center=True)[source]

prepare a gts for plot.

  • gts – Gts instance

  • date – a list of dates [start_date , end_date] in decimal degrees. Default is None for all dates.

  • unit – unit for output

  • date_unit – date unit for the x-axis

  • date_ref – reference date in decimal year.

:return np_date, y, yerr

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.init_plot_default module

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.init_plot_settings module

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.make_stitle module

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.make_stitle.make_stitle(component, info=[])[source]
  • component – component that will be displayed as subplottitle

  • info – string be displayed as subplottitle

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.plot module

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.plot.plot(self, title=None, loffset=True, loutliers=True, verbose=False, date=[], yaxis=None, min_yaxis=None, yupaxis=None, xticks_minor_locator=1, lcomponent=['N', 'E', 'U'], error_scale=1.0, lperiod=[[]], lvline=[], save_dir_plots='.', save=None, show=True, unit='mm', date_unit='cal', date_ref=0.0, center=True, superimposed=None, lcolor=['r', 'g', 'c', 'm', 'y', 'k', 'b'], label=None, legend=False, set_zero_at_date=None, grid=True, plot_size=None, info=[], xlabel_fmt=None, **kwargs)[source]

Create a plot of a North-East-Up time series and related info (offsets, outliers) using Matplotlib

Coordinates of the time series are assumed to be in meters default plots units will be mm; Use unit=’m’ to get meters instead

  • title – string to be added to the site name as a plot title

  • loffset – boolean print a dash vertical line at offset dates

  • loutliers – boolean print outliers

  • verbose – boolean verbose mode

  • date – [sdate,edate] start and end date for plots sdate and edate in decimal years if date_unit is either ‘decyear’ or ‘cal’, or in days if date_unit is ‘days’

  • yaxis – [min_y,max_y] min and max value for the yaxis if not provided automatically adjusted

  • yupaxis – same as yaxis but applies to the up component only

  • xticks_minor_locator – where xticks_minor_locator will be placed. Float when date_unit is ‘decyear’ or ‘days’, a string ‘%Y’,’%m’,’%d’ is date_unit is ‘cal’.

  • lcomponent – list of components to be plotted (default =[‘N’,’E’,’U’])

  • error_scale – scaling factor for error bars (default = 1.0, 0 means no error bar)

  • lperiod – list of periods to be drawn in background (color=light salmon)

  • lvline – list of dates where vertical lines will be drawn in background (color=green)

  • save_dir_plots – directory used for saving the plots

  • save – name, save the plot into name, if simply True an automatic name is given

  • show – boolean, is True show the plot

  • unit – ‘m’,’cm’,’mm’, default=’mm’

  • date_unit – ‘decyear’ or ‘cal’ or ‘days’, default=’decyear’

  • date_ref – reference date, default=0.0

  • center – boolean, if True the y_axis is centered around the mean value for the plotted period

  • superimposed – if a gts is provided, it is superimposed to the master, default=None

  • lcolor – color list used for the superimposed time series, default=[‘r’,’g’,’c’,’m’,’y’,’k’,’b’]

  • label – label for superimposed time series to be displayed in legend, default=None

  • legend – boolean. Set true to display label for superimposed time series, default=False

  • set_zero_at_date – date at which the master and superimposed gts will be equal (default=None). date can also be a list with [date,offset_north,offset_east,offset_up]

  • plot_size – plot size as a tuple. Default, best guess.

  • grid – boolean

  • info – title to appear in time series subplots

  • **kwargs

    any argument to be passed to matplotlib.pyplot.errorbar


The list of kwargs are:

{ ‘linewidth’ : 0, ‘marker’ : marker_main_symbol , ‘markersize’ : marker_main_size, ‘markerfacecolor’ : marker_main_color, ‘markeredgecolor’ : marker_main_color, ‘markeredgewidth’ : marker_main_colorlw, ‘ecolor’ : error_bar_color, ‘elinewidth’ : error_bar_linewidth, ‘capsize’ : error_bar_capsize }

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.plot_ts module

pyacs.gts.lib.plot.plot_ts.plot_ts(ax, np_date, data, yerr, loutliers=[], yaxis=None, error_scale=1.0, **H_kwargs)[source]

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