pyacs.gts.lib.primitive.add_obs module

pyacs.gts.lib.primitive.add_obs.add_obs(self, date, NEUSNSESUCNECNUCEU, in_place=False, check=True, verbose=False)[source]

Adds observation(s) as DN,DE,DU to a time series

  • date – date in decimal year. float, a list or 1D numpy array

  • NEUSNSESUCNECNUCEU – value to be added in the Gts, provided as a list, a 1D numpy array or a 2D numpy array. requires at least NEU: North, East, UP values optional: SN, SE, SU, CNE, CNU, CEU: standard deviations and correlation coefficient between North, East and Up components. If not provided, SN=SE=SU=0.001 (1 mm) and CNE=CNU=CEU=0

  • in_place – boolean, if True add_obs to the current Gts, if False, returns a new Gts

  • check – check time order and duplicate dates

  • verbose – verbose mode

:return : new Gts or the modified Gts if in_place :note : if it exists, .data_xyz will be set to None for consistency.