pyacs.gts.lib.primitive.displacement module

pyacs.gts.lib.primitive.displacement.displacement(self, sdate=None, edate=None, window=None, method='median', speriod=[], eperiod=[], rounding='day', verbose=True)[source]

Calculates displacements between two dates or two periods

  • sdate – start date in decimal year

  • edate – start date in decimal year

  • window – time window in days for searching available dates

  • method – method to calculate the position. ‘median’ or ‘mean’. default is ‘median’.

  • speriod – period for calculating the start position

  • eperiod – period for calculating the end position

  • rounding – rounding for dates. Choose among ‘day’,’hour’,’minute’ or ‘second’. default is ‘day’.

  • verbose – verbose mode


displacement as np.array([dn,de,du,sdn,sde,sdu])