pyacs.lib.strain module

Strain rate calculation library

pyacs.lib.strain.vgrad(X, Y, VE, VN, SVE=None, SVN=None, CVEN=None, CODE=None, method='WLS', verbose=False)[source]

Linear estimates of a horizontal velocity gradient

  • X,Y – 1D numpy array of longitudes and latitudes

  • VE,VN – 1D numpy array of east and north velocity. Unit is assummed to be mm/yr

  • SVE,SVN,CVEN – 1D numpy array of east and north velocity standard deviation (mm/yr) and correlation.

  • CODE – 1D numpy of string with site codes

  • method – estimator in ‘L1’,’WLS’ (default: weighted least-squares ‘WLS’)


DV, the velocity gradient tensor as a 2x2 2D-numpy array and a 2-columns (East and North) residuals 2D numpy array