pyacs.gts.Sgts_methods.read_ts module

pyacs.gts.Sgts_methods.read_ts.read_ts(self, ts_dir='.', verbose=True, name_filter='', add_key='', sites=[], lexclude=[], type=None, xyz=True)[source]

Reads time series, trying to guess the format. Current time series format supported are: pos, kenv, mb_file, cats, txyz (pyacs), track (NEU format for high rate)

  • ts_dir – directory of time series files

  • name_filter – string used to filter time series name ‘name_filter

  • add_key – adds a string before site code

  • sites – list of site codes to be read. Any other will be discarded.

  • lexclude – list of sites to be excluded from reading

  • type – specifies the format of the time series files. Choose among [‘pos’, ‘kenv’, ‘mb_file’, ‘cats’, ‘txyz’, ‘track’ , ‘pride’,’pck’]

  • xyz – for pos files, reads the XYZ coordinates rather than dNEU. This is the default.


an Sgts instance.