pyacs.gts.lib.format.pos module

Reads and write PBO pos files

pyacs.gts.lib.format.pos.read_pos(self, tsdir='.', tsfile=None, xyz=True, verbose=False)[source]

Read GAMIT/GLOBK PBO pos file in a directory and actually loads the time series

  • tsdir – directory of pos file

  • tsfile – pos file to be loaded

  • xyz – reads xyz sx sy sz corr_xy corr_xz corr_yz columns

  • verbose – verbose mode

Return Nothing




Since a pos file includes (almost) all the information, data, code, X0,Y0,Z0,t0 will be populated

If file=None, then read_pos will look for a file named CODE*.pos

pyacs.gts.lib.format.pos.write_pos(self, idir, add_key='', force=None, verbose=False)[source]

Write a time series in GAMIT/GLOBK PBO pos format

  • idir – output directory

  • add_key – if not blank then the output pos file will be CODE_add_key.pos, CODE.pos otherwise.

  • force – set force to ‘data’ or ‘data_xyz’ to force pos to be written from .data or .data_xyz


default behaviour (force = None) if data and data_xyz are not None, then print them independently if there are data only, then uses X0,Y0,Z0 to write data_xyz if there are data_xyz only, recreate data and write it