pyacs.lib.icosahedron module

pyacs.lib.icosahedron.distance(A, B)[source]

Constructs an icosahedron on the unit-sphere

pyacs.lib.icosahedron.subdivide(verts, faces)[source]

Subdivide each triangle into four triangles, pushing verts to the unit sphere

pyacs.lib.icosahedron.mesh_regional(num_subdivisions=6, bounds=None)[source]

Makes an equilateral triangles mesh over a sphere of unit radius using a succesive subdivision of an initial icosahedron returns verts and faces verts: list of vertices ; a vertice is a list of [x,y,z] in geocentric cartesian coordinates over the sphere of unit radius faces: list of faces ; a face is a list of vertices index faces[i][j] gives the [X, Y, Z] coordinates of vertex j of face i