pyacs.lib.pygamit_module module

module for Gamit


Reads a qfile and returns the following information: - number of sites included in the analysis - list of sites that do not have solution - list of sites with large adjustment - total number of ambiguities - total number of fixed ambiguities - the pre/postfit values - Normal end in solve

pyacs.lib.pygamit_module.get_nearest_from_apr(aprfile, n, linclude, lexclude, X, Y, Z, dec_year)[source]

Returns the n nearest site from X,Y,Z present in linclude and apr

pyacs.lib.pygamit_module.substitute_site(aprfile, site, X, Y, Z, dec_year)[source]

Substitute an entry in apr file

pyacs.lib.pygamit_module.update_apr(input_apr, target_apr, threshold, action)[source]

Update an apr file using another apr threshold is a minimum value for updating if action is False only check

pyacs.lib.pygamit_module.make_apr_doy(input_apr, output_apr, lsite, doy, year)[source]

Creates an apr file for a given list of sites and select the best coordinates according to dates